Affaire Merah : pour sortir du grand-guignol – Stéphane Bonifassi, Le Monde du Droit 9 / Nov / 2017 Le 9 novembre dernier, Stéphane Bonifassi, avocat fondateur du cabinet BONIFASSI AVOCATS livrait Lire la suite
Yacht Seizure Unlikely to Benefit Equatorial Guinea 27 / Avr / 2017 Foto Ginopress/ANP (as seen on NRC.NL) In a recent interview for an article written, in Dutch, Lire la suite
Tax-fraud case against UBS tests a new way to fine financial crimes in France. 20 / Mar / 2017 The trial may herald “a change of paradigm” in how France combats financial crimes, according Lire la suite
With Deferred Prosecution Agreements now allowed in France, the investigation into fraud at Airbus to move more swiftly. 20 / Mar / 2017 Kentaro Iemoto via Flikr (CC BY 2.0)   For this article in Global Investigations Review Lire la suite
Bonifassi “Most Highly Regarded” among asset-recovery and business crime defence lawyers in France, according to Who’s Who Legal’s 2017 research. 17 / Mar / 2017 Stéphane Bonifassi is proud to have been recognized by Who’s Who Legal as "most highly regarded" Lire la suite
The Global Impact of the Panama Papers Leak 7 / Avr / 2016 Following the leak of what we’ve now come to know as the Panama Papers, I joined Pascal Lire la suite