BONIFASSI Avocats is a law firm specializing in international litigation involving financial and economic crime corruption and fraud


The Firm

Based in Paris, BONIFASSI Avocats is a law firm that specializes in international litigation involving complex financial crimes, such as corruption and fraud, with a focus on asset recovery.

This practice area requires proven trial experience, demonstrated investigative tactics, a sophisticated understanding of litigation tools and proceedings, and an intrinsic familiarity with mutual legal assistance issues.

While excelling in these areas, our partners and associates also bring a depth of talent, passion and international experience in:

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.
  • Transnational enforcement of confiscation orders, insolvency judgments and receiverships.
  • Criminal law and procedure, in an international context.

As a small firm, we offer our clients a commitment to personal attention characterized by accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency.  Yet with our technical expertise and focus in the areas of fraud, asset recovery, corruption and white-collar crime, our experience and international reach equal that of larger law firms.

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Globalization has increased occurrences of economic crime in the form of corruption, fraud, money laundering and organized crime. This type of crime must be fought within the framework of the law, yet supported by distinct legal interpretations that come from the deepest understanding of the letter of the law. Keeping the right to a fair trial as a primary goal, BONIFASSI Avocats applies these two principles both in the interests of the accused and of victims who are entitled to effective access to justice.


With its extensive experience and knowledge of global criminal and civil proceedings, criminal and civil law and international mutual-assistance techniques, BONIFASSI Avocats thoroughly defends those accused and assists the victims of the most complex frauds by applying scholarly interpretations of the rule of law.


Those who are confronted with litigation related to economic crime – sometimes in several countries – face critical situations and deserve lawyers who exhibit professionalism and diligence and who understand how to apply innovative legal interpretations in the defence of their clients’ interests. BONIFASSI Avocats strives to exceed this standard.