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BONIFASSI Avocats specializes in international litigation, involving complex financial crimes, with a focus on fraud, economic sanctions, corruption and asset recovery.

This practice area requires proven trial experience, demonstrated investigative tactics, a sophisticated understanding of litigation tools and proceedings, and an intrinsic familiarity with mutual legal assistance issues.

While excelling in these areas, our partners and associates also bring a depth of talent, passion and international experience in:

As a small firm, we offer our clients a commitment to personal attention characterized by accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency.  Yet with our technical expertise and focus in the areas of fraud, asset recovery, corruption and white-collar crime, our experience and international reach equal that of larger law firms.

BONIFASSI Avocats has been recognized by the following reputable organizations:

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Practice Areas

Asset recovery and civil fraud

The detection and prosecution of fraud require the aggressive use of sophisticated techniques in both civil and criminal contexts. They include information gathering and property seizure to counter adversarial bankruptcy organizations, aggressive asset protection schemes, and sham companies created to conceal fraud. BONIFASSI Avocats is a leading firm in the recovery of assets for States, companies and individuals, employing a flexible toolkit suitable for virtually any complex litigation scenario within France or on the transnational stage.

As an international practice, BONIFASSI Avocats works with and coordinates teams of experienced lawyers in numerous foreign jurisdictions, as well as investigators, asset tracers, litigation PR professionals and forensic experts, to find, analyze and employ relevant information.

Also, the firm knows how to obtain evidence in France for application to civil proceedings abroad, including through mutual assistance in civil matters.


Sovereign debt & immunities

BONIFASSI Avocats regularly enforces a wide range of foreign judgments, orders, and arbitral awards, both in France and internationally, against States and public entities. The firm has a track record of successful asset recovery cases involving the tracing of sovereign assets and defeating claims of immunity from execution against sanctioned entities and alter egos/emanations of states.

White collar crime

White-collar crime is subject to the constant evolution of legislation throughout the world and today represents a major risk for corporations and their directors. BONIFASSI Avocats has successfully defended those accused of economic and financial crimes (corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, etc.), particularly in an international context. The firm has represented both defendants and victims in matters related to economic crime.

BONIFASSI Avocats also advises clients faced with internal or external alerts that require an in-house investigation to establish and verify factual matters. The firm conducts internal investigations independently or partners with other entities to implement them.

Mutual assistance and extradition

BONIFASSI Avocats has a history of achievement in all areas of cross-border criminal law, especially in cases requiring expertise with international legal assistance, extradition, cross-border freezing orders and confiscation. The firm regularly intervenes before the Commission for Control of Interpol Files of INTERPOL to contest red notices. BONIFASSI Avocats also presents cases to the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights to challenge national laws or jurisprudence when human rights and other fundamental issues are at stake.


BONIFASSI Avocats represents clients before the EU Courts and the EU Council to challenge EU sanctions. The firm represents clients in national courts for the local enforcement of EU sanctions and in front of national authorities for compliance with sanction regimes.


Confiscations and forfeiture

BONIFASSI Avocats defends clients against freezing orders in a criminal context, as well as seizures and confiscations, including those that are sanction-related. From a victim/creditor’s perspective, the firm benefits from the dual expertise in civil and criminal law that enables it to navigate confiscation and civil enforcement measures.

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